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International Flag Codes
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International Flag Codes
World War 2 US Coast Guard issued International Flag and Morse Code color poster dated 1943 Poster was issued to Navel officers in the US Navy This poster was published by the US Coast guard Graphics unit and was one of a series showing buoys beacons channel markings and other data pertaining to navigating in and out of US waters The others in the series are long gone This has been preserved in a black aluminum frame There are some tape marks on the top an several small tears along the side but makes a nice clear color presentation.
List Price: $225.00
Price: $175.00
Seaworthy spray
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This is the largest Seaworthy offed and was made from about 1926 to 1934. This is a photo of a sister ship I just finished restoring. I have several more boats similar to this-one marked Jacrim and two marked Seaworthy. The stand is made from some 1920 flooring that was removed from a Miami house. Time for restoration is about 6 weeks and postage will be calculated. I can send you a photo of the hull I would be restoring for your approval. The sails have been tea dyed to show some age. I welcome any questions you may have. When these boats are gone they are GONE!
List Price: $900.00
Price: $800.00
Seaworthy Jacrim Keystone Parts
Ma,y parts are available for Seaworthy, Jacrim and Keystone boats. Sails, masts, booms, brass screw eyes, bowsies rudders and rigging line. Also there is a large inventory of original A J Fisher brass fittings. I haven't figured out how to list these parts yet so email me at and I can send you a quote.
Price: $0.00

Vintage Hand made 27 in. fiberglass restored Yawl
This American handmade pond boat is Yawl rigged with an early fiberglass hull and has been restored. The boat was made in the early days of fiberglass and laid up with glass strips and not molded. The sails and boat stand are new but everything else is original. At 27 inches and 40 inches tall it makes a beautiful presentation. The keel is weighted but I think its free sailing days are over.
List Price: $210.00
Price: $195.00

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