Photograph Timeline


Original Jacrim Mfg. 23.5 complete sailboat with cloth sails, stand not original but probably made about same time.


Seaworthy Model of a STAR Boat


36" Seaworthy Sailboat modified with a Gaff Rig.


23" Rare Seaworthy Schooner


Jacrim Milk Wagon Ride'em



20" Seaworthy Flying Yankee Motorboat  

26" Seaworthy Flying Yankee Motorboat

9" Seaworthy Battery Boat with image of the Patent on the boat itself


Seaworthy original SHARK 25” windup speedboat, missing bow deck pennant.

Seaworthy orginial SHARK 31" windup speedboat.

Keystone Model 128

This boat is still new and was a sold in triangle cardboard container with instructions printed on the reverse side. This is the earliest box for sailboats found. The cotton sails were visited by some bugs and the jib is fairly well eaten. This was the shipping method for keystone after 1936. The front of the box is shown as well as the triangular end. The boat  were placed in the box deck down and by opening tabs on the side a stand could be made. These were cloth sails boat and no wooden stand was offered. Not many have survived.


20" Keystone sailboat with original sail and rare compass in excellent condition

1950 Snows

This was a  boat made for a specific  company as an advertisement and was a 20” sailboat with new Vinylite (plastic) sails that were offered in the 1950’s. The wheel, rudder, mast top, bow sprit and spreader were white plastic and the mast was two piece with no taper. The box was marked Keystone Racing Sailboat with the rigging directions on the back. The color had changed to a lighter box with red letters.

1950 Keystone Sailboat 28"

Keystone sailboat & original box cloth sails, nautical flags on starboard and original triangular box with printed instructions and which serves as display stand.


Keystone Tug Boat, Barges, and Box


Keystone fireboat pumper shows detail of hose and metal wheel to direct flow (same wheel as on sailboats) missing stern pump handle

Keystone repainted Fireboat with pump & nozzel


Keystone service station set on top of original plain cardboard box


Keystone Doll House


Keystone rare Tugboat Annie wind up missing a mast on deck house


Keystone rare windup liner with box marked Keystone and with a Seaworthy rudder and wind up mechanical motor, mast on stern is down.


Rare surviving electrified Keystone Coastal Defense fort with a plane launcher, submarine, ship targets, a ship and two missal firing guns.

Colorful Keystone boxes didn't appear until later in 1937; Plain cardboard is shown here.


Keystone US Navy Rocket ship with missals



 Tom Thumb rare wood 13” car
 repainted to original colors  






 Tom Thumb

 Rare wooden train






Jacrim Tom Thumb 12" Flash

Jacrim Tom Thumb Gun Boat
Tom Thumb Tug "WILL FLOAT" Label