Boats, Parts, Sails, Restoration Tips and Advice

I have been involved with antique boats by Seaworthy, Jacrim and Keystone for some years. I have admired their style, construction and design and have lamented the fact that they were out of business many years before I began to research them or realized who they were.


Recently I discovered Tippecanoe boats who offer a full line of quality, American made toy and model radio controlled sailboats. These boat are the closest model sailboats to the antique Seaworthy that I have ever seen I will be offering these boat along with antique boats, parts, sails, restoration tips and advice.


Tippecanoe Boats - Fast & Fun!


T12 Cruiser: 12 inch sailboat, for ages 5 and over, Western Red Cedar hull with two sails.


Kit $46.00, Finished $79.00.



T15 Racing Sloop: Winner Parents' Choice Award. 15 inch sailboat, for ages over 8 years old, Western Red Cedar hull and two sails.


Kit $74.00, Finished 105.00.



T-Class Racing Sloop: 18 inch sailboat, Western Red Cedar hull, two sails, adjustable rudder.


Kit $95.00, Finished $155.00.




Controls from Shore on a Line


Boat Reel: Control your boat from shore. $9.50.


Varnish Kit: Marine varnish, varnish brush, sand paper, varnishing tips. $7.95.


Wall Stand: Hangs on a picture hook on the wall. Holds any of the boats. Solid Brass. $6.50.


Table Stand: Sits on a dresser or mantlepiece. Solid Brass. $7.50.


Masthead Streamer: 12 in streamer flies from the masthead of the T15 or T-Class Racing Sloop. $2.50


RC Sailboat Radio Controlled

T27 Racing Sloop: 27 inch fully remote controlled model sailboat for adults. One rc servo controls the rudder, one rc servo controls the sails. Prices include all remote control gear.


Kit $215.00



T37 Racing Sloop RC Sailboat: 37 inch remote control sailboat, for adults. Fully controllable from shore with RC gear, everything is included. One rc servo controls the rudder, one rc servo controls the sails.


Kit $265.00, Finished $1200.00.


T47 Fairharbor RC Schooner: A beautiful 47 inch long two-masted model of the ships of earlier times for adults. Complete with four sails and RC gear to sail your boat from shore, the T47 is a whole new kind of RC sailing.


Kit: $425.00 rc sailboat models


T52 Racing Sloop: Big, powerful, fast and fun. The T52 sails incredibly, maneuvers perfectly and is a truly exciting big boat for sailing in big lakes. The kit is straightforward to build. Construction is similar to the T37, but this boat is much bigger and more powerful! Kit: $425.


T50 MOD: This is an exceptional new 50 inch boat designed to be raced in the Marblehead class if the builder desires. For adults. Its construction is ultra light, high-tech strip planked, creating a beautiful planked hull suitable for racing.


Kit: $625.00



T50 Trimaran: The Tri is our fastest boat yet. Its three thin hulls slice through the water giving the boat unbelievable acceleration. For adults. In a light breeze the boat darts around the water, and in heavy air the boat leaves a mist behind it at top speeds! Two rigs are included for light and heavy air.


Kit: $725.00

Classic Free Sailing Model Sailboats

The T37 in kit form looks real easy to build. Everything is included but batteries. Some pictures of the kit are featured below.





TC Hull and Deck


TC Fittings